Former CA Mayor To Release Vape Pen

Chris Brown of Hawthorne, CA has been in the media since he has left his position as Mayor. The man who titles himself as a husband, father, philanthropist, entrepreneur and former Mayor now has his sights on the cannabis industry. 

 While Brown has been featured in articles by Huffington Post, Forbes and Black Enterprises for his successful work legalizing cannabis within California, he is now making headlines for his 'high'ly anticipated vape pen. TruBlume will be hosting a release party for the sleek and stylish new vape pen that will hit the market on april 20th, the stoner's holiday. 

The former mayor has already been seen with some celebrities, like Mike Epps, who have been lucky enough to try the pen before it's even on shelves at your favorite dispensary. In a video posted to Brown's instagram and re-shared o @balleralert, Epps is seen choking on a decent sized inhale. 

Be on the lookout for the new TruBlume vape pen hitting stores on 4/20.