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Former Senator Now CEO of Marijuana Company

KUSH, a marijuana company that produces cannabis-infused products for medical and recreational use, has a new CEO.  Shockingly, former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel will now be leading the company's board of directors. 

Once a 2008 presidential candidate, Gravel served two terms as a U.S. Senate from 1969 to 1981.  He has always been an outspoken supporter of marijuana and is now using his beliefs in a positive way for the marijuana industry.  "I feel very deeply about the failure that is marijuana prohibition," Gravel told The Huffington Post.  "Nixon is the one that put marijuana into a Schedule I. People forget that story, I lived through that. I thought it was horrible."

KUSH Vice President and COO Michael Pickens said that Gravel has been "very active and outspoken" as a member of the Cannabis Sativa board of directors.  He was requested by Pickens because of his reputation of taking action and holding people accountable in government.

Gravel indicated that his new position as CEO at KUSH does not mean his duties in politics are over.  "I've been very active in the last month or so over the torture debate. And I'll continue to be active with respect to the difficulties that we're having in Iran," he stated.