Former Trump Campaign Advisor Supports Recreational Cannabis

Roger Stone, former Trump campaign advisor, recognizes the pros of legalizing recreational cannabis and is speaking out on his opinions, backed with substantial facts.  Stone has urged Trump to be a man of his word when it comes to his campaign promise of allowing states to regulate recreational marijuana.

The former campaign advisor only consulted with Trump for three months but within his time, he warned President Trump that going after recreational marijuana would affect his base of passionate supporters, more specifically the young, libertarian voters.  Now, he feels that the "intellectual inconsistency" of Trump's views on recreational and medical cannabis is a potential threat the support of the Trump coalition who were in favor of limited federal government interference. 

Most importantly, attacking recreational marijuana would greatly affect the economy.  The marijuana industry has grossed billions of dollars.  Not only that, but the industry has also provided hundreds of thousands of jobs.  "If you crack down on the three states that have passed recreational marijuana, you'll lose roughly 200,000 jobs," Stone told The Intercept.  "States and counties will go bankrupt because they've already budgeted the tax revenue."

Stone may have a shaky history of manipulating others to promote his interests and endeavors.  However, when it comes to marijuana, he is very accurate.