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Foster Mother Feeds Children Bleach

How do you keep your foster kids from testing positive for marijuana use?  Some people may not smoke, others may use detox products.  According to Pam Pertl of Bunker Hill, Kansas, mixing bleach and milk was supposed to do the trick!  (PLEASE do not try this at home!)

Pertl was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, felony distribution of marijuana and felony aggravated endangerment of a child on Thursday June 19, 2014.  She will most likely be serving a substantial amount of time behind bars.  Police reports state that three female teenagers in the care of the 54-year-old tested positive for marijuana and this is not the first run-in cops have had with Pertl.  The Russell County Sheriff's Department stated that there have been numerous runaways from her household and they are very familiar with her.

Pertl was released on $40,000 bond and will reappear in court on July 10.