Genetically Modified Marijuana?

Uruguay made history earlier this year when they legalized the cultivation, sale and possession of marijuana.  Billionaire George Soros supported legalization in the country as a part of the plan for Monsanto, a sustainable agriculture company who delivers agricultural products to farmers all around the world, to move into the cannabis industry.  

Soros is a member of the Drug Policy Alliance and allegedly, his involvement in Uruguayan legalization is apart of a much larger global project.  In 2009, the British firm GW Pharmaceuticals announced they successfully bred a genetically altered cannabis plant.  Monsanto apparently is aware that there is major potential in the cannabis market and recognize that there is a possibility of the company control the industry with patented GMO cannabis seeds.

With the the potential threat of genetically modified cannabis plants and seeds hitting the market, there is a chance that other big corporations will begin to replace natural strains of cannabis with their own patented GMO varieties.

Would you prefer natural or GMO strains of marijuana?