Global Warning To Increase Pot Potency

As the climate change and drought continues to hit California hard, the cannabis crops grown outdoors in the golden state are expected to become more potent.  The Daily Climate reports that rising temperatures and CO2 levels will likely boost the medicinal and psychoactive properties of plants, cannabis included.  

Lewis Ziska, a plant physiologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service who led the research, specializes in "weed migration patterns in the face of climate change."  He believes global warming will benefit plants that are CO2 deprived.  "If you go back to the times plants evolved on land, the average CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels were 1,000 parts per million; today it's about 400," he says.  Plants have since adapted to these's lower CO2 levels and plants like cannabis have been deprived.  

James Duke, a retired USDA entho-botanist, confirmed Ziska's statement, saying, "The more stress a plant gets—heat or cold or disease or just plain beating it—the more medicinal and less edible it becomes."