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Gov. Christie (NJ) Committed To Legalization?

Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has been known for his flip-flop ideas about the legalization of marijuana.  Recently, Christie "participated" in a Facebook Q&A in which many New Jersey residents asked questions pertaining to legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.  Of all of the questions asked, Christie responded to TWO!  

Q: Why are you continuing to let sick people suffer, marijuana patients arw (sic) dying daily with every move you fail to make.
A: That is WRONG! Our program is medically based and if you need it, you can get it

Q: I am a veteran, NJ medical marijuana patient, and a student currently in my senior year at NJIT. I am pursing (sic) a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Recently, I was denied an internship on grounds of being a medical marijuana patient. My question is do you agree NJ should discriminate me for my medical treatment? I have tried all other avenues of treatment and nothing else works, so is my degree worthless in NJ? I served my country proudly and can’t believe I am being discriminated. Would you support protecting medical marijuana patients from this type of discrimination?
A: You should call the Governor's Office at 609-292-6000. We may be able to help


How do you feel about his responses!?