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Gov. Cuomo Signs Emergency MMJ Bill

After much anticipation, Governor Anderew Cuomo signed the bill that will expedite access to medical marijuana for critically ill patients. The bill delivered to Cuomo on October 30th was given until today to either sign or veto. 


Since it has been signed, the bill mandates that the state must issue patient cards to those who are considered qualified, critically ill patients as soon as possible. This will ensure those who are medical marijuana patients will receive some protection from law enforcement and child protective services.

Missy Miller of Atlantic Beach has a son, Oliver, who suffers from life-threatening seizures. She said, "I am so very relieved that Governor Cuomo has signed this bill.  I once again have hope that I will be able to offer my son the chance at significant relief." Since the medical marijuana law was passed last year, there has been no MMJ patients in the state of New York that could access medical marijuana. At least four children have died since then who could have benefited from medical marijuana. 

Yesterday, patients, families and advocates gathered outside of Governor Cuomo's office, urging him to sign the bill. Their efforts have succeeded and now things are looking up for medical marijuana in New York.