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Hash Oil Lab Found In SoCal House/Daycare

When San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies served 43-year-old Ramona Meza with a search warrant, they discovered a hash-oil drug lab in the Southern California home on the 14000 block of Buckskin Court in Victorville.  

Authorities found three pounds of marijuana in bags, two ounces of concentrated marijuana, 90 canisters of butane and a pressure cooker in the garage.  Along with the drugs, deputies also discovered two handguns, one of which was stolen, and both within access to the children who came to her daycare.  Upon arrival, they found two kids that were unattended while Meza was out picking up three other children.  Meza's kids were taken into custody while the others were returned to their parents.

All of the children were under five years old.  It is still unclear if Meza's daycare was licensed.  She's now facing charges of manufacturing concentrated cannabis and possession of stolen firearms; not to mention multiple counts of child endangerment.