HighTimes Is Moving To LA

The most well known marijuana magazine publication will be moving to the nations cannabis capitol of Los Angeles, California.  The magazine, birthed in Greenwich Village, NYC in 1974, has spent decades in the Big Apple but now has its sights on their headquarters being relocated in LaLa Land.

"The center of the cannabis universe has moved to California," said Matt Stang, the publication's chief revenue officer.  With the recent passing of Amendment 64, California's legalization will allow great advertising opportunities for the publication.  

Larry Gross, director of USC's School of Communication, stated, "It certainly makes sense for them to move to Los Angeles. There's going to be more action in Los Angeles than in New York. There's no question the changes in the legal environment have made it much easier for potential ad money to be available. The number of companies that are going to want to be represented in this new space is probably growing daily."