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History Channel - The Marijuana Revolution

The History Channel released an informational documentary about the evolving marijuana industry entitled The Marijuana Revolution.  The two hour show premiered yesterday and included interviews from well known individuals, such as Tommy Chong and Liz Kreuger, as well as doctors, lawyers and marijuana business owners. 


Starting by giving a general history of the cannabis plant, the documentary provides viewers with an accurate evolution of the uses and stigmas of marijuana. Then moving into law enforcement, government affairs and federal vs. state differences, The Marijuana Revolution was informative and relatable for herbalists from beginning to end. 

The documentary gives herbalists and ganjapreneurs hope for a better industry when focusing on the tax revenue benefits after Colorado legalized medical and recreational marijuana. However, the show reminds viewers that cannabis is still illegal federally. It also informs viewers of the financial barriers in the industry, with constraints against marijuana businesses by banks nationwide.  

A short segment about cannabis use and the workplace, a look at the various amount of professions within the industry, the slow paced success and keeping up with the ever changing marijuana laws are just a few more of the things you can learn from this documentary. We highly recommend that all herbalists get an up to date summary of the cannabis industry by watching The Marijuana Revolution.