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Hope For Jersey?

Unfortunate for our Herbalists in New Jersey, Govenor Chris Christie advocates his anti-marijuana beliefs by assuring the public that while he is in office, the decriminalization and recreational use of marijuana will be out of the question.  Christie refuses to become another state in which people visit to legally get high.  Since Washington and Colorado have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the New Jersey governor has been questioned about legalization.  However, he says, "I am not going to turn our state into a place where people fly into to get high.  And if people want legalized marijuana in the state, elect a new governor."

While edible marijuana is offered at the state's dispensaries in Jersey City and Montclair, it is only offered to patients referred by a physician or psychiatrist.  In a recent town hall meeting, Christie sympathized with a New Jersey mother who lost her daughter after a seizure caused by a rare form of epilepsy.  If New Jersey dispensaries carried a specific strain of marijuana called Charlotte's Web, she tells Christie her daughter would still be alive.  The strain was named after a girl named Charlotte Figi who had a rare disease called Dravet's syndrome.  Charlotte was wheel chair bound and having nearly 300 seizures a week.  After using marijuana edibles, she is now a walking and seizure free girl.  

Gov. Chris Christie is still on the fence regarding the matter.  "I'm open to making those changes but what I fear is that a lot of people use really tragic circumstances as an excuse to say, 'Let's legalize.'"  Cross your fingers, Jersey!  Let's hope the medical benefits of marijuana lead to legalizing recreational use!


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