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House Denies MMJ For Military Vets

Last week, the House of Representatives rejected a bill aimed towards allowing military veterans to use medical marijuana.  Currently, the Veterans Health Administration prohibits physicians from discussing medical marijuana as a form of medication.  Within the 23 states that have legalized, veterans have been forced to either find other medications to treat their ailments or acquire cannabis another way.  

The amendment would have allowed veterans to seek approval to use medical marijuana from their physicians without the threat of the physician being punished.  Being that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug, the federal government is still not recognizing the medical benefits. Majority of Democrats and a shocking 35 Republicans voted for the amendment however, the measure failed by only three votes.   Although still a failure, this is a positive step towards change as compared to last years reform measure failing by 26 votes.

 Rep. John Garamendi of California accidentally voted against it, stating,  “I support medical marijuana.  I misread the amendment.”  On the other hand, Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia says she thinks the new amendment calls for citizens to go around the law.  “I think the law ought to be changed,” he says. “Let’s do the heavy lifting.”

Today, marijuana is being used despite the approval of the Food And Drug Administration to treat a variety of conditions like epilepsy, PTSD, depression and cancer treatments.  We hope that in the coming years, we see an even more drastic change in the House of Representatives with more support for medical marijuana for any kind of patient.