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Illinois Patients! Apply For MMJ TODAY!


The state of Illinois has already approved that medical marijuana will be distributed from as many as 60 dispensaries beginning next year.  On Tuesday, the Illinois Department of Health began accepting applications that were available online on August 8th, 2014.  

With the availability of medical marijuana in the near future, Illinois residents like Noel Carter, an engaged to be married mother, sees hope for her sons future.  She suffers from Fibromyalgia and hopes that being a MMJ patient will allow her to give her four year old son the childhood he deserves.  "The Fibromyalgia, it makes it to where it's hard to function there's just a lot of pain and it makes you have exhaustion," she said.  She knows she's not the worst case out there however, medical marijuana can definitely help.

Patients who last name start with A-L are able to fill out MMJ applications to be reviewed.Beginning November 1, those with last names starting with M-Z can fill out their application.  If you live in Illinois and qualify to be a medical marijuana patient, fill out the form here