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Insurance Won't Pay For Your Weed Today!

While medicinal marijuana has been legalized in 21 states, in the eyes of the federal government the herb is still considered illegal.  For that reason, major insurance companies do not cover the expenses for patients requiring weed for their medical health.  For some patients, medicinal marijuana can cost up to $1,000 per month to fulfill their given prescription.  And with many medical marijuana users living on fixed incomes, it is very difficult to pay the bills and buy their medicine.

Insurance companies are seemingly remaining skeptical about qualifying marijuana for medical treatment until the Food and Drug Administration approves its safety.  Since there has been a lack of approval for cannabis research testing, major insurance companies claim to not have evidence that marijuana is effective.  Until the federal government moves marijuana from a Schedule 1 classification, which states that it has "no acceptable medical use," cannabis research testing will continue to be overlooked.

In states where marijuana is legal, weed can be cultivated or purchased at a dispensary.  However, if you are considering growing yourself, make sure you do the proper research and take the time and patience to grow accurately.  If not done right, growing your own marijuana can become more expensive than your prescription.