International Church of Cannabis Opens In Denver

The International Church of Cannabis opened its doors in Denver, Colorado on the perfect day: 4/20.  This church is to be recognized as a "real" church because it will "do all of the things that churches do."


Steve Berke, CEO of and also owner of the property, stated, "Elevationists are what we call our congregation. An individuals spiritual journey and search for meaning is one of self discovery that can be heightened and deepened through ritual cannabis use."

As for the question that is probably on everyone's mind: yes, the church allows cannabis consumption.  However, consuming cannabis is only acceptable at special events and by invite only.  

"People who use cannabis as a sacrament for their own spiritual and religious purposes can come and feel safe that they're not going to be prosecuted or arrested for practicing their religion in peace," Berke continued.

As with anything marijuana related, there are opposers to the church.  Neighbors are dissastisfied however the specific reason why has not yet been disclosed.  It could be the relation between cannabis and church, or it could be the massive amount of people who stopped by to worship on its opening day.