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Introducing NORML Better Business Bureau for Marijuana

As marijuana rises from a black market industry to one of the countries highest earning markets to date, NORML has announced the launch of the marijuana industry’s equivalent of the Better Business Bureau, the NORML Business Network

Sabrina Fendrick, NORML’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, aims to establish high standards during the growth of the marijuana industry.  The goal of the NORML Business Network will be to, "collaborating with marijuana companies and ancillary businesses that are committed to using their enterprise as a positive example of corporate social responsibility, and a platform for ending marijuana prohibition nationwide."  It is is a selective, industry focused, membership-based program.  "NORML Business Partners will be required to meet certain criteria, including various market and industry qualifiers such as testing, labeling, environmental sustainability, fair wages, decent pricing and special discounts for certain populations such as seniors and veterans."

The NORML Business Network has already partnered with High Times Magazine, and Weedmaps.  The Higher Content is also looking to be apart of the network. If you are a marijuana related company looking to be apart of a network which promotes all of the good qualities of marijuana and the industry, take a look at the NORML website!