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Iowa Wants To Reschedule Marijuana Classification

Tuesday morning, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy reclassified marijuana as a drug with medicinal purposes.  The board has agreed to recommend that lawmakers change cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug!  With Schedule I drugs being considered as having no acceptable medical use, the classification change could still leave room for marijuana abuse however, it will be an accepted form of medication.

Ruling marijuana as a Schedule II drug would classify it as a narcotic drugs such as opiates and methadone.  The board members, however, will not possess the authority to make rules on marijuana use.  Chairman of the board, Vernon Benjamin said, "We can't set any penalties. We can't set any guidelines on how marijuana's going to be produced, what standards are going to be. And I think all those kind of things are things the Legislature's going to have the ultimate say-so about anyway,"