Ireland Uses Scratch-N-Sniff Cards To Spot Grow Ops

North Ireland police have been using scratch-n-sniff cards to help people begin to recognize the smell of illegally grown marijuana.  The cards reveal the scent of marijuana being grown in their state, which differs from the smell of marijuana smoke.  

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said in a video release, "More than two cannabis factories are being uncovered every week in Northern Island."  The motive came as a result of a 44% increase in Northern Ireland's cannabis factories from 2013 to 2014.  "The money generated by them runs into millions of pounds, and that's money going into the pocket so organized criminals used to fund even more criminal activity."

We highly (no pun intended) doubt that cannabis cultivators in Ireland are committing other crazy crimes and doubt the accuracy of a marijuana scratch-n-sniff card.  However, the PSNI video notes that the unregulated electricity and water used in the marijuana factories are "a potentially lethal mix" and intends on eliminating that hazard.