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Jamaican Farmer Offers Obama 10 Acres of Marijuana Farm

Malia Obama

Malia Obama

A Jamaican farmer makes an offer to President Obama for his daughter, Malia, to become his daughter in law.  Roy Chambers of St. James Jamaica believes his son and Obama's daughter would make the perfect couple.  Therefore, the farmer offered the President 10 acres of his most valuable possession - his marijuana farm. 

Chambers told the Jamaican website 18 Karat Reggae Gold, "I tried to approach President Obama with my offer while he was in Jamaica a few months ago but the security prevented me."  The man also admits to sending regular mail and e-mails to the White House in hopes that the POTA will respond with a agreement.

he White House has not responded to any of Chambers', or any other people who have reached out to the President offering to trade land, crops or animals for his daughter's.