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Jeff Mizanskey To Be Freed From Prison!

You may recall our article informing you of the 61-year-old Missouri man that was sentenced to life for marijuana related crimes.  Jeff Mizanskey served more than 20 years behind bars for attempting to sell six pounds of cannabis during a 1993 police sting.  After spending two decades in prison, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) commuted Mizanskey's life sentence as well as pardoning five other nonviolent offenders that have completed their punishment.  

The Missouri Department of Corrections' decided to release Mizanskey this month.  Lawyer Dan Viets said, "We were notified today that he will be granted parole and be released within '10 to 25 days.'"  Parole was never an option for Mizanskey because he was listed as a "prior and persistent drug offender." Fortunately, with the help of a petition requesting clemency for Mr. Mizanskey that gathered nearly 400,000 signatures, he will be released from prison by the end of the month

A recent report from the American Civil Liberties Union stated that nearly 88 percent of more than 8 million marijuana arrests in the country were for possession.