Jeff Sessions' Power To Criminalize Drugs Increases


Last week, the House of Representatives gathered to vote on a measure that would essentially give the DEA and the Justice Department ultimate power to make any new substance illegal. As if that wouldn't be bad enough, neither parties would require checking with any scientists or health officials at all when making such decisions. And what's worse? The House passed the measure.

The SITSA (“Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues”) Act is aimed at proving that the rising number of hospitalizations and deaths related to novel psychoactive substances (NPS). NPS drugs would include substances that are chemically similar to Schedule I drugs that have been outlawed like heroin and MDMA.

SITSA would give the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, the power to apply penalties to any new drug without having to prove the drug is harmful, or confer with science or health officials at all. Sessions decisions could lead to millions of people becoming criminals overnight. The SITSA Act is written so that Sessions is not limited to outlawing substances we know little to nothing about, but can even schedule those that have a long and well-documented history of beneficial human use. Marijuana included.

Since SITSA has since been passed, it's only a matter of time that more measures are introduced to rid Sessions of such power. Let's hope in the meantime, he doesn't do an immense amount of damage.