Jersey Senator Claims Weed Can Kill You

Most people in New Jersey and those who have been in trouble within the state were happy to hear that Chris Christie would be leaving office. The former governor was a primary reason that the state of New Jersey was being held back in its fight for decriminalizing and legalizing medical cannabis. However, it seems as if another bozo is in office yet again.

Phil Murphy assumed the role of governor of New Jersey earlier this year with the expectation that he would be helping the state towards legalizing marijuana. However, Senator Ronald Rice and chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, spent his 4/20 speaking against the country's trend to legalize. Rice claims to want to see marijuana decriminalized as a way of ending the mass incarceration of young black people. Legalizing commercial cannabis, though, is something he is not for.

“I still want to deter people from doing something that’s bad for them,” said Rice. “If you get too high you die from it… It kills you directly if it’s too potent.”

Let's all just take a moment to laugh at Senator Rice..

Ok, now, furthermore with his bullshit, Rice believes that legalizing weed will lead to an employment crisis because no one will be able to pass a drug test. He feels food stamps will be used for pot purchases and babies will be born with THC in their brains.

How do you feel about Senator Rice's opinions?