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K9 Cop Caught With Weed Won't Face Charges

Veteran K-9 officer Joe Avila was found with four to five pounds of marijuana in his home in Oakley, California.  The Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office has been investigating the matter after an officer was assigned to investigate Avila's involvement with the large amount of cannabis.  Allegedly, Avila failed to write more than three dozen police reports of receiving a package of marijuana from a UPS store on Nov. 25, 2013.

County chief public defender, Robin Lipetzky, says the decision to not charge Avila with a crime most likely is a result of a lack of strong enough evidence to produce a conviction.  According to the search warrant, Avila failed to file 37 reports, including the report stating he received marijuana from a UPS store.  When questioned, Avila admitted to using two pounds to train his K9.  Under more pressure, he confessed to the remainder of the marijuana could be found in the trunk of his squad car or at his house.

While he might not be charged with a crime, his future with the K9 department is uncertain.