Fifth Grader Shares Edibles With Classmates

Regulating edibles has been one of the primary concerns when it comes to states allowing the distribution of cann-infused foods. One common occurrence in states where edibles are legal is emergency room visits for "marijuana overdoes." Unfortunately, the Albuquerque School of Excellence found themselves dealing with a marijuana edible circumstance.


On Thursday, a fifth grader at the New Mexico elementary school mistook her parents edibles for candy and took them to school to share with her classmates. “She had this box, it had a label on it that said ‘incredibles,’" a nine year old student admitted. "We just thought it was ordinary gummies. I started feeling really dizzy. I felt like the room was going to flip to the side." 

Kristy Del Curto, dean of elementary students, claimed that three students consumed a single gummy, while the student who brought them in ate about three or four of them. “We noticed the student who initially brought the edible to our school was acting strange," Del Curto said. "She started saying she couldn’t see. Please be assured we’re doing everything we can as a school to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

“As marijuana becomes legal in each state it’s going to become more and more of an issue I believe,” Del Curto continued. While it may be more of an issue, if parents and cannabis users treated their cannabis, whether flowers, concentrates or edibles, like prescription drugs - put away, locked tight and out of reach of children - then we wouldn't have such a huge concern. "The first thing that came to my mind is irresponsible parents because that’s dangerous,” said the father of the 9-year-old that was dosed.