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Legalize NY!

Tomorrow will be the end of the legislative session to legalize medical marijuana in New York.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is demanding more changes to be made to the medical marijuana bill including ridiculous infractions like no smoking!

The bill previously denied smoking medical marijuana to minors.  Unfortunately, Senator Diane Savino is pushing towards not allowing medical cannabis to be smoked at all by anyone.  Allowing marijuana to be smoked contradicts the efforts the state has put towards restricting tobacco smoking.  So since there will be no smoking it, medical cannabis will only be offered in oil or pill form if the bill is passed.  This should further disable the access to the flower, or so they think.

Under the revised bill, if your physician prescribes medical marijuana you must have them renew your prescription every thirty days.  Not only that, they could also be subject to overrides by the Department Of Health.  So ultimately if the Department Of Health doesn't want you to have medical weed, your doctor can't do anything about it.  It's not even that strict with Oxycontin!

Unfortunate for New Yorkers, if this bill is passed, these laws will last for five years which then could lead to the bill being modified for the better or worse.  Who knows?