Colorado Group Launches Cannabis Safety Campaign

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) has launched a campaign focusing on safe cannabis use.  The campaign aims to promote taking precautionary measures when using cannabis to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

“By design, this campaign is stark and serious, because public safety is serious. Government agencies shouldn’t be alone in encouraging good decision-making," said MIG interim executive director Kristi Kelly.  "It’s important that people know that the industry also cares about our communities.” 

The Colorado based group launched their public service announcements during the third year of the states legalization of cannabis.  The primary focuses are safe driving, keeping cannabis from children and partaking of a safe amount of cannabis.  Phrases such as, "It’s 4:20 somewhere. Start low. Go slow. Please consume responsibly," "If you’re gonna dab, take a cab. Please consume responsibly,” and, "Please consume responsibly," are heard through out the PSA's.