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Maine To Legalize Recreational Use?

Maine has started a referendum to legalize recreational use and is already on its way to reaching the 61,000 signatures it needs to earn a spot on the state's Election Day 2016 ballot. While medical cannabis has been legal in the state since 1999, the referendum needs 20,000 more signatures to consider being legalized recreationally. 


Two groups have collaborated to gain the signatures they need. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and Legalize Maine each had their own ideas for initiatives however, they decided they would be stronger together rather than working separately. 

Lynne Williams, general counsel for Legalize Maine, told Reuters in October, "Either one of our measures would have passed but all of us had our doubts about what would happen if there were two measures on the ballot. It's probably always better to work together than to work on parallel tracks."

As per an October Critical Insights poll, 65% of Maine voters support recreational marijuana use.