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If you love marijuana, why not consider making a career out of your passion?  Cannabis activist Mickey Martin founded the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis and also published a book entitled Medical Marijuana 101.  The college located in Natick, Massachusetts offers a comprehensive 12-course program which will educate students about the marijuana industry. 

The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis has not received permission to operates as the country's first official marijuana trade school however, Martin is confident that his school will have a strong positive purpose.  He told CNN, "This is one of the largest growth industries in America, and it’s not just stoners and people who like weed anymore -- it’s a business.  We’re targeting your basic worker, someone who wants to go to a dispensary and apply for a job, because these places want people who are trained.”

The cannabis college is offering classes to those who have received their high school diploma or GED.  Tuition will be approximately $1,500 but individual classes can be taken for $199 each.  Financial aid is unfortunately not an option due to the fact that marijuana is still an illegal drug.    Check out the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis today!