Man Avoids Jail For Being A Horrible Grower

Joshua Hughes attracted some unwanted attention from his Stockton, California landlord. It was discovered that the 20 year old was attempting to grow about forty marijuana plants back in July 2015.

Hughes learned to build his extensive set up, included a watering, lighting, and ventilation system that bypassed the electricity meter from a DIY YouTube video. His excuse: it was more financially feasible to grow his own that buy enough for his 20 joint per day habit. Unfortunately, Joshua was not a very good grower and caused all of his plants to die. 


Hughes was originally sentenced to six months in jail however, he claims to not be responsible for bypassing the electricity meter. In addition, there was no evidence found that the marijuana grown was being used for commercial distribution and since all of the plants died, the judge decided to suspend his sentence. 

But, before his ruling, the judge had a few things to say about the case. "This was an incompetent grow from start to finish," he said. "You may have had high expectations and high ideas, but anyone who seeks to produce cannabis will risk a sentence of imprisonment. I am suspending it because of your early guilty plea, lack of previous convictions and incompetence."

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