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Marijuana Ads Banned By USPS


The United States Postal Service claims to have no issues with advertising cannabis in newspapers and other print publications. However, those prints may not be sent through USPS mail.  

According to the post office, since marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug, it would “it would violate USPS standards" to mail content that promotes those narcotics. While that may make sense, we would think it would be extremely difficult to sort through every publication received by the USPS to ensure that there are no ads promoting illegal narcotics. Congressional Democrats from Oregon are not happy with this policy and have written a letter voicing their concerns.  

In the letter, it states, "Unfortunately, the outdated federal approach to marijuana as described in the response from the Postal Service undermines and threatens news publications that choose to accept advertising from legal marijuana businesses in Oregon and other states where voters also have freely decided to legalize marijuana.”