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Maryland On Its Way To Legalizing

The Medical Marijuana Committee approved medical marijuana regulations on Wednesday.  The vote, which was delayed at their meeting last month, was carefully reviewed and considered by board members.  Since the last time it was submitted, they committee has made several adjustments, including the addition of marijuana extracts so patients could ingest the drug without smoking.

“We want to get this program up and running and we want to get marijuana in the hands of patients.  We want our growers happy, we want our dispensers happy and we want to make this a success for the state of Maryland–not a failed program,” said Paul Davis, Medical Marijuana Commission.  Patients and growers are looking forward to making cannabis more readily available to those who need it.  

The committee will meet at the end of January to discuss their progress on the operation of the program.  For now, the regulations are on their way to the secretary of health and mental hygiene, with hopes of approval.  Ronnie McGaskey is interested in distribution and said, “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for our community, for the patients in our community and we want to be part of the process.”