Massroots Files For NASDAQ

Big moves for the "Facebook of cannabis!"  MassRoots Inc. filed IPO papers to become NASDAQ's first publicly traded marijuana-related company.  The "technology platform for the cannabis industry," allows people to find smoking "buds," provides information about dispensaries and will hopefully soon be making money on the stock trade.


MassRoots CEO, Isaac Dietrich, describes the social media network as a "cultural company" or a "technology platform" that does not allow the sale or promotion of other illicit drugs.  "We automatically screen dollar signs on keywords like 'coke' or 'heroin' to prevent illicit sales," he says.  Even after Apple removed the MassRoots app from is iTunes App Store back in November 2014, the company has strived to unite the community against cannabis prohibition.  "within the first few days, 10,000 of our users signed on a letter we wrote to Tim Cook telling him he was stifling innovation."

NASDAQ is not expected to make its decision for the next few weeks.