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Miami SWAT Team Beat Kids Over Bud

Miami SWAT Team planned a narcotic drug bust in Coconut Grove at 3844 Williams Avenue and mistakenly raid 3844 Thomas Avenue, 2 BLOCKS OVER!  “They broke every single flat screen TV, they broke the play station 4, they broke every single picture frame for whatever reason…..Every single thing they could possibly break, they broke,” said Bobby Mclendon, the owner of the home that was not warranted to be raided.

Mclendon left his son and nephew home alone and unfortunately in his absence, his house was raided by rowdy SWAT police.  They stormed into the house and found Mclendon's nephew first.  As the thirteen year old was complying,  one of the aggressive officers hit him in the head with the butt of their rifle.  They continued to the bedroom where Mclendon's son was sleeping, breaking picture frames and flat screen TV's on the way, and order him to get down on the ground.  Unfortunately, he didn't move fast enough and an officer punched him in face, leaving the twelve year old with a burst blood vessel in his eye.

Of course, Miami police are claiming they did not wrong.  Although the warrant had the wrong address on it, Major Moss of the Miami police stated, “This was the right house.  Not only was it the right house, but a gun was seized and illegal narcotics taken from the location.”  Turns out, the "illegal narcotics" they found was a small amount of weed, which in most states is not illegal.  This just goes to show that the effort and aggression that the police put into the War on Drugs is misguided and unnecessary.