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Michael Brown Shot With Marijuana In His System

Police investigation reports reveal that Michael Brown, the 18 year old young man shot and killed in St. Louis earlier this month, was not only shot in the head and chest multiple times but also had marijuana in his system.  With this report threatening to affect the case, Brown's family and protestors demand that officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown, submit a drug test as well.

The report is the first of three autopsies that will be performed for the case.  Brown's family requested that a medical examiner with the U.S. military perform the third autopsy.  Residents, protestors and the family's attorney is concerned that marijuana may be a factor in the case.  It is not uncommon for allegations to be made about marijuana use in cases similar to this one, like Trayvon Martin.

Even though marijuana was found in his system, it hasn't been determined whether Mike Brown was under the influence at the time of the incident.  An herbalist who smokes daily can test positive for marijuana for up to 30 days after the last time they smoked.  However, that doesn't mean they were high for the entire 30 days!  Yet it has been said that marijuana withdrawal could possibly cause aggressive behavior.

Given all of this information, this seems to be yet another circumstance in which they try to make marijuana the causing factor in irrational behavior.