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Michigan Man Commits Suicide Over Marijuana

Tim Scherzer, 49, of Kent, Michigan was facing felony charges of maintaining a drug house which ended 22-year veteran law enforcement career and ultimately causing him to commit suicide.  After the US Postal service hinted to authorities that Tim and his wife, Alyssa, were receiving marijuana through the mail,  Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (KANET) then filed for a search warrant to raid their household, finding 31 plants, a kilogram of marijuana, and 170 grams of marijuana butter.

The Scherzers were legally registered medical marijuana program caregivers in Michigan.  Timothy was not only legally able to provide medical marijuana to patients, but he was also a patient himself.  Timothy was very honest with the authorities, letting them know that they have been receiving and delivering pounds of marijuana butter to their registered patients for over two-and-a-half years.

Scherzer apologized to the officers at his sentencing, saying, "I offer my apologies to my patients for my misinterpretation of the law.  I wish I hadn't caused this harm to them."  At his hearing last Thursday, received five years of probation and a $10,000 fine.  Sounds like reasonable punishment, right?  Well, it must have been too much for Bernhardt to handle because Sunday evening, Timothy Scherzer committed suicide.