Middle Schooler Arrested For Bringing Weetos To School


We've all heard of, and probably enjoyed, a bag of Cheetos before.  The cheese puff snack has well distinguishable packaging against the others in the potato chip aisle along with them. However, the similar product with an extra ingredient is easily mistaken for the original snack. 

A 15-year old girl brought Weetos to Driftwood Middle School on Wednesday and shared them with two of her friends. She and one of her friends was aware that the snack contained THC, the other friend was not. Two of the Florida teens fell ill, with one being sent to the hospital. 

The young lady accused of bringing the Weetos to school was arrested and charged with possession of THC. (We didn't know possession of "THC" was an actual crime, but hey, we credit that to our source for this article, HighTimes.) She was later released to her parents but now faces a 10 day suspension and possibly expulsion.