$1 Million Worth Of Marijuana Seized In Alabama

Police received a tip that marijuana was being sent from California to Huntsville, Alabama, which led to the bust of more than $1 million worth of cannabis.  The bust that took place on September 7th resulted in the discovery of 160 pounds of edible marijuana taffy "candy" and cash.

"This is something we don't see here very often as far as the edibles go," Sgt. Jerry King, commander of the Madison-Morgan County Strategic Counterdrug Team (STAC), stated.  The edibles were packaged individually to look like candy, with no markings on the plastic bags.  "You can see it's packaged to resemble candy and that's a major concern for us," he continued.

Police obtained a search warrant to conduct the raid, where they found marijuana edibles, cocaine and $6,000 cash.  David Scott, 32, of Huntsville was charged with trafficking marijuana as well as possession of cocaine.  

Police Chief Mark McMurray said, "They've actually combined the THC and put it into a candy form and made it even more alluring for our children.  As you see, it looks very edible.  It looks like it might be fun to try."

The drug bust made at Scott's home, less than one-half mile from Lee High School, was one of the largest seizures seen in the state.