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Minnesota Chooses State MMJ Producer

Minnesota has selected Dr. Andrew Bachman and his partners to be the states marijuana facility in Cottage Grove.  The establishment is expected to open in July 2015, with 'high' hopes of continuing his family tradition of growing - this time in the field of marijuana.  His family owns Bachman's Floral Gift and Garden Centers and sees this move into the marijuana industry as an expansion of his families gardening.

"I see this as an extension of what I do now, taking care of patients, except on a massive scale," the emergency room doctor said.  His marijuana company, LeafLine Labs, will be growing marijuana, then processing it into pill or liquid form and sell them in distribution centers.  The company plans to open in Eagan in July, and other centers in St. Paul, St. Cloud and Hibbing in the future.

"We are singularly focused on producing high quality medicine and helping patients," Bachman said.  The news of a medical marijuana facility being opened was welcomed in Cottage Grove.  Mayor Myron Bailey has good feelings about the facility, recognizing the opportunity for a new business and more jobs.  

Minnesota Medical Solutions, a company working with Denver-based People's Choice Medica, will also be opening a location in Minnesota.  Along with LeafLine Labs, the facilities will begin producing marijuana in July 2015.