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Minnesota Mom Facing Prison For Healing Son With THC Oil

Minnesota mother, Angela Brown, unfortunately found herself in a situation where she had to decide: break the law or let her son suffer.  When her son was eleven years old, he suffered from brain trauma after being hit in the head with a baseball.  During a family trip in Colorado, Brown discovered a THC oil which surprisingly was not a CBD oil.  Using that oil cured her sons pain, who is now fifteen.  Unfortunately, Minnesota's medical marijuana law is not expected to go into effect until 2015.

The fact that Brown knowingly broke the law only added to the fact that her son was starting to harm himself prior to finding the miracle medicine.  In June 2014, authorities discovered what was going on and sent a child protective services employee to question Brown.  She now faces child endangerment charges, two $3,000 fines and up to two years in prison.  

The THC oil was relieving the pain for Angela's son, Trey Brown.  "Trey described it as the pressure in his brain was being released," Angela told Fox 9 News, "Once it hit his system with the right amount of dose, the muscle spasms would stop. The pain was eased. It was just relief."

Currently do they not only face legal charges but the Brown family also has to figure out how they will continue to heal their son.  "I mean, you finally find something that works for your child," Brown said.  "That takes the pain away, and I had to give it up because I had a fear of going to jail -- because how am I supposed to take care of my child?"