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Minnesota Mom Gives Son Cannabis Oil - Charges Dropped!

A Minnesota mother has a sense of relief after having a serious charge dropped for giving her 15 year old son cannabis oil.  Last Wednesday, a judge concurred that Angela Brown should have two charges dismissed which would leave her to face a $6,000 fine and up to two years in jail.

Brown will no longer be forced to face the consequences of child endangerment however, she is still being held responsible for "contributing to the need for child protection," at least for now.  The judge ruled that "(The) possession of marijuana in the form of cannabis oil in the amount possessed by Angela Brown is not one of the enumerated violations of the controlled substance laws that provides child endangerment criminal liability (under the statute).''  

We recently blogged about an Australian father who has been suffering similar consequences for giving his daughter cannabis oil.  Brown's misdemeanor charges being dropped is a positive outlook for the cannabis community.  Hopefully, Angela Brown will not only have all of her charges dropped but other parents in similar predicaments will receive the same resolutions in their cases.   It has been determined that Brown was not "endangering" her son by giving him cannabis oil.  Many parents are unfortunately faced with the decision to either continue to spend all of their money on expensive medication for their children that does not work or to try cannabis oil as an alternative.   Senator Brandon Peterson supports Brown, stating that if she faces conviction, he will urge the governor to grant her a full pardon.