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Minnesota Taking Dispensary Applications!

Ganjaprenuers in Minnesota are now able to fill out applications to become licensed dispensary owners!  Minnesota became the countries 22nd state to legalize medical marijuana is now accepting applications for growers to become owners of medical marijuana manufacturing facilities.

The Legislature has given the Minnesota Department of Health permission to pick two facilities to grow medical marijuana and process it into a non-smokeable drug.  Already, there are a few facilities interested, such as Bachman’s Inc. and Garden Fresh Farms of Maplewood.  Only serious inquiries will be considered, as applicants must pay a $20,000 nonrefundable fee just to apply.  Despite the expensive application fee, over 200 people showed up to the informational meeting last month.

Assistant Commissioner Manny Munson-Regala stated, “It’s not as simple as putting a couple of pots in your basement with some grow lamps.”  The state will be likely to choose applicants with money to blow, education in agriculture and financially savvy, detailed business plans.  “When you’re growing medication for 1,500, 2,000, or 5,000 patients, you’re growing at a scale that requires some kind of systematic process,” Munson-Regala said.

Companies must submit a letter of intent by September 19th and applications are due on October 3rd.  The two manufacturers will be selected in December.