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Mississippi Pro Cannabis Ballot


The group Mississippi for Cannabis has filed a petition with the state in order to collect signatures from state residents that are pro legalization.  The petition aims to legalize, tax and regulate cannabis in the state of Mississippi.  

The group will begin collecting signatures next year if they are approved.  Permission to collect signatures will heighten the chance of issue being brought to the November 2016 ballot.  Petition organizer, Kelly Jacobs, told the Clarion Ledger, "Now we are waiting for official approval from the Mississippi Secretary of State, and the Attorney General which will include a ballot initiative number and the official format for the collection of signatures."  If approved, Mississippi for Cannabis will have to collect at least 110,000 signatures in 2015.  

The proposal will give adults in the state the right to grow up to nine plants at home but they cannot sell any of it.  Farms with more than 10 plants will be taxed and must be licensed distributors to legally owned dispensaries.  Also, the proposal will legalize cannabis for adults to own as much and use as they wish, but must be kept from minors,  just like alcohol or cigarettes.

"We want to legalize marijuana and decriminalize it," Jacobs said. "It's an adult discussion we should be having."