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MMJ Gets The OK In Maine Schools

Auburn, Maine school district released a new policy after a school board vote for allowing medical marijuana on school grounds turned out to be unanimous.  On Wednesday night, students with written MMJ certifications were granted the ability to use medical cannabis at school.

New Jersey similarly allowed medical marijuana students to use their medicine on school grounds as well. Maine, however, has some very strict guidelines.  Medical marijuana is not allowed to be in a smokeable form, meaning no flowers or oils that cannot be ingested orally.  Also, primary caregivers, usually the student's parent or guardian, are the only ones allowed to administer treatment.  School nurses, teachers and administrator's are prohibited from doing so.

The policy also protects staff and teachers from any liability issues. Tom Kendall, chariman of the Auburn School Committee, stated that the decision was not made because of the request of students or parents.  He insists that the district is being proactive, saying, "We've had no immediate need to pass this policy.  We're just getting out in front of the issue."