Mom Shares Topless Pics & Pot Brownies With Teens

A middle-aged mother has been caught sending topless photos and sharing marijuana brownies with teenagers.  The Utah mom was allegedly attempting to relive her youth.

At least two pictures have been sent from Virginia Olson's, 37, phone in a group text that included at least three minors.  She is also accused of smoking weed and eating edibles with at least two teenagers in her home.  These incidents have occurred from at least November 2015 until earlier this month.

Olson has been said to have been "so nice," and ingratiate herself in the community of Lehi, Utah. "I told my husband," said an unidentified mother of one of the teens, "I've never seen someone want to be my friend so much."  Another mother stated that she found the inappropriate, sexual messages in her son's phone on his Instagram account.  "She was living vicariously through these 15 and 16 year old children," she claims.

The 39 year old mother had also been flirting with the boys through group text messages, saying things like they "were hot" and "good-looking."  Olson, who also has a son, would host sleepovers at her home and would try setting up the boys with girls equal their ages.

One mother stated to, "She's a creep, and she deserves everything that's coming her way."  Olson was charged with six felony counts of dealing in harmful materials to a minor and two felony counts of child endangerment.