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Mother & Son Upset NYC Central Park Building

420 Central Park West in New York City might as well be '420 Central Park West,' at least that's how the residents of the apartment building feel.  The board of the building is suing the residents occupying Unit 1S because of its 'virtual smokestack.'

Josefina Henriquez-Berman,65, lives in the building on West 100th Street with her son, Charlie, 32.  The two have been fined 20 times since 2011 for marijuana smoke and noise complaints.  It is being said that so much marijuana smoke comes from the apartment the the odor "infiltrates other areas of the condominium building, causing- among other things - a nuisance to other occupants."  The smelly haze is unavoidable according to one resident in the building.  

An anonymous woman told the New York Post, "I consider myself very liberal.  I don't care if someone smokes [marijuana], but at east do the responsible thing and make sure the smell doesn't seep into the hallways and the lobby.  I've got kids, as do lots of others in this building.  I don't think I should have to explain to my little kids what the smell is."

The building allows residents to smoke in their units, however the smell must be contained within their own quarters.  The board is suing for $10,000, plus another $12,000 in unpaid common charges and since the two either ceased smoking or install the proper air filtration to prevent the smell from leaving their unit.

Henriquez-Berman is no stranger to upsetting the first-floor board residents.  She was sued last year for allegedly trying to join her unit with an adjacent apartment, 1R, that she rents.