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Native Americans Can Grow & Sell Cannabis

The L.A. Times reported that the Justice Department will not try to enforce federal marijuana laws on Native American reservations, essentially meaning they can grow and sell marijuana with American interference.  This means that even in states where medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is illegal, Native Americans will not be prohibited from growing and selling marijuana on sovereign land.

Although they will still be held responsible to follow certain federal guidelines, Native American tribes will still be eligible to enter the marijuana industry.  Most tribes, however, are opposed to the legalization of cannabis on their land.  Alcohol abuse seems to be more common in Native American communities but even still, there could be potential for the cannabis community to rise within their population.  

One of the guidelines they must abide by is not distributing marijuana to minors.  Native Americans also may not deliver marijuana outside of their tribes.  Should these, among other guidelines be met, the Justice Department will not interfere with the Native American cultivation and sales of marijuana.