New Bill To Prohibit Federal Government Interference In Cannabis


Congresswoman Barabara Lee introdued H.R. 4779, also known as the REFER Act, yesterday in Washington, D.C. The act, which stands for Restricting Excessive Rederal Enforcement and Regulations (REFER) of Cannabis Act, is aimed at prohibiting federal intrusion in state marijuana laws.

REFER would require that legislation prohibit federal spending from being used to enforce federal government intrusion in states and municipalities that have updated their laws regarding cannabis use, possession, cultivation and distribution. "The federal government has no business interfering in states that have decriminalized cannabis. American voters have sent a clear message - it's time for the government to stop wasting taxpayer money on the failed War on Drugs and take long overdue action to reform cannabis policies," Lee stated. "The cannabis industry is moving forward, despite the best efforts of the Trump Administration to hamper this progress."

It has been long overdue that the federal government be prohibited from sticking their noses in the states business when it comes to cannabis. Congresswoman Lee went on to say, "One in five Americans resides in a state where cannabis use has been legalized. By passing the REFER Act, Congress can end the federal government's wrongful targeting of this industry and ensure that the will of the American people is respected."