New Cannabis Grow In JCPenny?

A Michigan caregiving center is looking to convert the space which once was a JCPenny in the Copper Country Mall.


JCPenny's have been closing a mass of their locations since 2014 and one of those locations happened to be in Houghton, Michigan in the Copper Country Mall.  The shopping center, which has been seeing a decline in businesses, leaves a handful of businesses in operation. A community college, a veterans’ center, a location for the Department of Health and Human Resources and a movie theater and the Portage Caregiver Center are the only remaining tenants.

During a meeting that took place over the summer, Tyler Ross, Portage Caregiver Center’s registered agent, suggested converting the old JCPenny space to a place to grow cannabis.  And being that there is already a dispensary in the mall, having a grow area in the mall as well is not too far fetched.  Bruce Peterson, Portage Township supervisor, stated, “the pivotal issue is the number of people served by this facility.”

As per Michigan cannabis laws, the decision whether or not the mall is allowed to have a cannabis grow inside it is completely up to the mall's board of trustees.  Approval must come from the mall as well as the town. The local community needs to vote whether or not they want a new cannabis business in their township. The township board is expected to discuss the matter on December 11.