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New Edibles & Dab Laws In Colorado

Colorado Govenor John Hickenlooper signed new bills last Wednesday that will tighten the regulations for marijuana edibles and dabs.  The new laws were put into effect to ensure the safety of children and marijuana users.

Part of the bill states that all marijuana edibles should be distinctly packaged differently than other regular food products.  Marijuana edibles, as you may know, come in different forms.  The governor of Colorado attempts to prevent the confusion of cookies and candies that contain marijuana and those that don't, for the safety of children.

When it comes to dabbing, some researchers have become concerned with concentrated marijuana, or hash oil, users.  An ounce of cannabis concentrate has been said be more potent than an ounce of the cannabis plant.  The law restricts the sale of more than one ounce of the cannabis plant or its equivalent to residents and no more than a quarter ounce to non-residents.

Do you think these laws ensure the safety of marijuana users?